The Serendip Coast, from Galle to Tangalle in Sri Lanka, is fast becoming the new riviera,
its beauty, style, and serendiptiousness, make it stand out from its older counterparts in Europe.

From the world heritage site in Galle to the beaches of Tangalle, to the blue whales in Merissa to the
turtles in Rekewa, to the small hotels and villas, to the fresh seafood and finest tropical fruits and vegetables, to the Galle Literary Festival to surfing competions and sailing regattas. To the elephants and to the leapords, Galle has it all!

The Serendip Festival shows all of this off, the weekends in march will be alive with all of the above;
tut tut polo, a mini lit fest, pop up restaurants, promenade concerts, surfing competitions and sailing regattas, a mini cooper rally, wine tastings, art exhibitions, a cricket test,  Galle will come alive!

We hope this will become an annual event.